The Santoro Educational Life Skills Foundation’s (SELF) web-based, Alive2Thrive, is a comprehensive social and emotional learning curriculum. This curriculum features a series of 36 videos segmented into four targeted modules, each including a series of short (2-3 minute) video lessons on specific topics. The modules include:

These lessons are followed by a 10-15 minute discussion which can be led by a teacher or mentor. The lessons are designed for middle and high school students and are all found on this web site. 

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We invite you to explore FOUR (4) of Alive2Thrive’s unrestricted video lessons and activity worksheets prior to registering. Each tutorial page highlights its unrestricted video.  For complete FREE access to all of the video content and lessons, simply buy our book and enter the free code found inside.

For more information about your school or organization potentially adopting the Alive2Thrive program, please visit our Contact Us page.